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white shirt must have
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I am a shirtaholic, to start with. That’s why you will find a big number of shirts in my wardrobe. But most of all, I love the white shirt in all its forms.

  • Classic, waisted or long or straight
  • Modern, with balloon sleeves, or A line or with huge cuffs
  • Romantic with a neck-tie or frills on the placket

No need to tell you, I do not have many blouses because when choosing among a nice blouse and a nice shirt, I always go for the shirt. I love shopping online and to my disappointment I realize that more and more e-shops put shirts in the blouse category. Pity!

The white shirt is unique and absolutely, necessary for a woman’s wardrobe.

This is why:

  1. It upgrades the outfit. Most of the times a business outfit includes a shirt.
  2. There are a number of designs and fabrics out there, so that you can definitely find which express you most.
  3. It’s timeless. For all four seasons.
  4. Easy to wear from morning till night.
  5. You can wear it with all your other pieces. It goes better with some of course, but whichever way, you will never be out of fashion with a white shirt in your combo.

How to wear it to match your style:

1.The casual look

Wear it with the most comfortable thing you have. A pair of jeans, a culotte, a skirt at any length. If it’s too long try it on with a belt. Or  without.

2.The Rock look

Wear it with leather pants or skirts, at any colour.

3.The Tom Boy look

Wear it with a suit, a patterned jacket and a pair of trousers or both of the same colour.

4.The Romantic and Feminine look

Floral, striped dresses or monochrome dresses with straps or romantic skirts in bell or A line. You can tie the shirt at the waist and match it with a maxi or midi skirt. It’s perfect for those hot summer days and nights.

5.The Chic & Vintage look

Wear it with those aethereal high-waisted trousers or pencil skirts. A midi skirt in A line looks timeless when matched with a waisted                white dress.

6. The holiday look

Wear it liberally with your bathing suit, your shalwar or your favourite shorts.

Today’s outfit clearly proves the power of the white shirt. A sequin skirt can be turned into a simple, daily outfit without having to be on the waiting list for that special occasion. As for the night cool weather… pair it with a bomber jacket. So?

white shirt must have

white shirt must have

white shirt must have

white shirt must have

white shirt must have

white shirt must have

white shirt must have

white shirt must have

white shirt must have

white shirt must have

white shirt must have

white shirt must have

white shirt must have

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