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Our everyday routine changes and as a result, so does our work. Remote work is here to stay. Whether full time or part time, it brings along changes in the family, social and place arena.

The need for a home office is stronger than ever. If you already had one at home, it’s about time to give it a permanent character.

So let’s look at some tips on how to create your own workplace in harmony with your aesthetics, personality and type of work.

The main features for a home office are:

The space

If you own a small apartment you will need a small desk that can fit almost everywhere. That can be an old secretaire desk, a console, a small vintage table or a small regular desk.

A smart and practical solution is to place a shelf on an empty wall or a line of shelves over the desk, for organizing your paper documents easily.

If you have a separate room for a home office, there are no limits to what you can do to create a space, according to your personal taste.

The decor

Choose mild tone colours which help you concentrate and improve your mood. Give emphasis with colour at the objects or smaller pieces of furniture that you will be using. If your desk leans on a wall, use a mirror, a small array of pictures, a wallpaper or photos of your beloved ones, to make the place cosier.

The chair

A professional chair is a must when you work exclusively from home. Most of the times though, such chairs do not match your decoration and when they do, the price might be very high.

But, you surely need to choose a high-back chair and one with the right depth. One that actually embraces your body pleasantly. You also need to adjust its height right, so that your shoulders, nape and neck muscles  feel relaxed.

Some ideal chairs here :


In my opinion, putting your desk near or next to a window is your best choice. If natural light reflects on your screen then use the right kind of curtains or shades.

If the natural light is not enough, then a lamp with a light director is an exceptional solution as long as it is not to strong.

Remote work causes a number of problems but try to be positive. Think that you work in a familiar place created according to your own personal style and not in an office, where there might be no aesthetics whatsoever, or a place created by someone else who does not know your own personal needs.







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