About me

When was the last time you have been pinged?

Or better, when was the last time you have been “pinged chic”?

I get pinged, all the time!

I am Alexia and have been living in Vienna for the last 6 years. I come from Athens, Greece, where abundant light is key to how people dress but still, chic is independent on space or time. My aesthetics are shaped by the beauty of the Mediterranean along with the chic elegance of the capital of Austria/ Vienna.

As a working mother and a wife I am really aware of the limited time we all usually have at our disposal to dedicate exclusively to ourselves. And that is why I am here!

I love style and most of all I love sharing my ideas. I chose PING, a word that made its appearance digitally to express on how to “get instantly what you ask for! I thought a broader spectrum of digital friends who share the same drive and passion, would do the trick for me. That’s how PING ME CHIC came to life!

We will be exchanging interesting ideas on fashion, styling, and beauty and I will be sharing with you my experiences from places I have visited or was asked to visit.

All styles are great. Honestly. Styles are beautiful no matter what. But what makes them important and priceless is how each one of us expresses herself with them.

Never forget! Style is ageless and each one of us is unique.

So feel free to unleash your stylish self here and be pinged chic!