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cell phone purse pingmechic
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Times change and our personal needs change with them. The use of the cell phone has turned into an indispensable everyday element. As a result, new stylistic ideas relevant with its use were also emerged. Designers, fashionistas and influencers innovate, design and inspire.

I personally love the cell phone purse because it is an everyday necessity being at the same time chic elegant and I am also glad that thanks to this small purse, looking for small items in a big bag no belongs to the past.

I remember that in the subway, or the airport check in or the till in a department store, I had to stressfully search for items in my big bag. How many times have I turned my bag inside out, when my phone was ringing, to finally find it when the call was already over?

This is how I got the inspiration to design and develop a few small purses for the mobile/cell phone but also for all those small items that we search for and are difficult to find in a big bag. Every time I was creating one of these purses, I was thinking of a specific type of woman. Therefore, they are all so different and unique.

Do you want to be able not to carry a lot of stuff and be free to move however you want? Then a small purse is the absolute accessory for you.

If you also belong to those that feel safer with a loaded, bigger bag, a cell phone purse is also necessary. It will free you from the stressful last-minute search and accentuate your personal style.

Red purse with chain.

Chic and eccentric. It can be matched with everything.

With oversized trousers, a T-shirt and sneakers.

with a two-piece set,

Brown purse with chain or a chain and cord combo

An eye-catcher. It can be matched with everything.

With a light summer and plastic flip-flops

cell phone purse pingmechic

Vintage knitted purse with chain and frame

 Timeless and elegant. An everyday companion!

Matched with a beige pair of trousers, a black and golden striped blouse, and sneakers.

cell phone purse pingmechic

cell phone purse pingmechic

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Love !!

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