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6 reasons to visit Skopelos
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Before the Mamma Mia film, only a few knew about this gem.

After the shooting of the film, the island rose to fame.

I visited Skopelos last year and I would gladly visit it again.

Skopelos is the biggest island of the Sporades clutter and  accessible from Volos by ferry in 3.5 hours. The nearest airport is on the neighbouring island of Skiathos.

A generous 80% is covered in flora.  It is considered the greenest island of the Aegean Sea. The point where green nature meets the blue sea, is the absolute definition of great scenery. Where the eye meets the horizon, the things to sense in abundance are beauty and serenity.

There are several spots to choose for your staying, but I chose the Chora, the central village.

Here are the main 6 reasons for visiting the island:

1. It’s full of natural beauty and has the cleanest and bluest waters you have ever seen

Aren’t these good enough reasons for a holiday? The island has a beach for every taste. You will find the tranquil and almost private beaches, some organized beaches for water sport lovers and beach bars. You can also choose between sand or small pebbles.

The western part of the island has the best beaches. They are all on the same central road that unites the Chora with Glossa, the main port.

The most famous beaches are Kastani, Milia and Panormos. I also like Stafylos, Agnonta and Limnonari. If you are a nudism fan choose Velani, just behind Stafylos.

2. For the unique view from Ai-Yannis church

There are 360 churches on the island. 123 are at the Chora. You should visit Ai-Yannis where Mamma Mia was also shot. You must be brave and climb 100 stairs to reach there, so try to do so early in the morning or late in the evening, because the hot summer sun will heat you up, otherwise.  The view will compensate for your effort.

3. For the tasty local cuisine

Anzeige//Try the local twisted cheese pie and the traditional nut cake served with ice-cream. The local prunes play an important role in all local plates. Also try the almond cakes called Chaimalia. My favourite restaurant is Finikas and the best breakfast is served at Kanela. Also, try Molos and Mouries.

4. For the morning or evening walks and strolls on the stone streets of Chora

A walk at the Chora will impress you for the white painted cobbled streets and colorful flowers that fill your nostrils with fragrances. It’s a fest of the senses, with smells and colors everywhere.

Discover the small cafes, the traditional patisserie shops, shops with local goods and beautiful accessories like caftans for your vacation.

The Folklore Museum of Skopelos hosts amazing exhibits made by local artisans.

5. For the terrific sunsets and moonlit nights

Anzeige// In Skopelos you can relax just enjoying a nice cocktail and listening to chill out music. My favourite place in the city is Mercurious Bar. Its veranda is overlooking the port. I also love Vrachos for lunch or dinner. The Chora is a gorgeous place just to look at. Stroll around and find your ideal place for an aperitif. If you are a beer lover try Spira beer. It’s a locally produced ale and is exclusively sold at the Spira pub. Most clients love sitting outside, on the stone-built benches. As the night deepens, conversation heats up and most clients become a big nice company of friends.


6. For ideally tranquil and romantic holidays

Skopelos is tranquil by nature. It is perfect to live your romance there and enjoy its natural beauties. Many couples visit Skopelos and prefer it to busy Skiathos. For those of you who have not seen the movie or the musical, a visit to Skopelos is the reason for you to do so.

6 reasons visit skopelos


Enjoy it !!







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  1. Mary

    Amazing place, great photos!

    • Alexia Walder

      Thanks a lot my dear!We will go together next time!! (Maybe sailing).

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