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The word ¨kaftan¨ originates from the exact same Persian word and has become synonym for every long tunic οr robe. It is perfect for the Summer and one of the mostly worn and most loved pieces in the world. Its origin is Ancient Mesopotamia. The original kaftan is actually a long robe. It is tight, with full lenth sleeves and deeply open around the neckline or is fully open to its length. You can wear it fully buttoned or not.Any kind of material can be used to create a kaftan, the most usual ones beuig silk, wool and cotton.

In the 50s and early 60s the kaftan appeared in high couture and then the French maitres -including Christian Dior and Balenciaga – adjusted it to become  a new type of a loose uniform or robe worn over trousers. Up until 1966, Vogue described the kaftan as “the essential piece for  jet-set members”.

So, let’s move on to our time and let us choose a kaftan that suits our personal style and personality.  

Urban Βoho Style

The more the better, when it comes to accessories. Wear your kaftan buttoned or unbuttoned with a belt or wear your jeans shorts underneath, your jeans, your long skirt or a light summer dress. Sandals, mules and cowboy boots will complement your boho look!.

 Urban Romantic Style

Unravel your romantic mood and wear a see-through or lace kaftan as a dress. Cover the revelation points with a light garment or wear a lingerie dress too. You can also wear it with romantic skirts, capri pants or jeans. Mules, sandals and flip-flops match it well.

 Urban Chic Style

What is better than a silk, monochromatic or a multi-coloured kaftan? Wear it in the evening with a pair of statement earrings and a simple pair of shoes and be radiant!If your kaftan is a tunic type, add a top and your light, high-wasted flair trousers. Go for high heel sandals or flats and create an incomparable urban chic look.

September is boldy on and the warm weather is making us a favour. Wear your kaftan and welcome the Fall.








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