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wearing pastel colours
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Light blue, lemon, pink, pistachio green or light green, lilac purple and many other pastel colours are the protagonists and initiators for bold summer escapes. The summer is rooted now, and tanned skin is on. Pastel shades love both.

Some of us are black colour fanatics. The rest of us love pastels and choose them for their outfits. If you are wondering though, how to wear them, it looks like you are on the right webpage.

Ping goes with…

Pink brings to mind a small girl but it can look great with light yellow, beige, fuchsia, red, brown, light blue, purple and pistachio. It might look smooth and peaceful but when you match it with another pastel colour it can still create some really powerful combinations.

Light blue goes with…

A favourite that matches everything. It looks great with all shades of brown and blue. Easy and elegant. You can also match it with purple, orange, yellow and green. They work as complementary colours and create perfection. Match it with white for a beautiful effect.

Lemon goes with….

Lilac, brown, beige, purple, pink, pistachio, red. Together they create a unique outfit. White is also an ally to lemon.

Lilac goes with…

I generally like all pastel colours, but I genuinely love lilac more.Wearing it with darker shades like dark purple, I always feel proud  for my choice in the end. I also like lilac with dark yellow, brown, beige, golden and grey.White with lilac is also a good idea but beige brings out the best of it.

Mint green goes with…

Many of my friends adore this colour but avoid wearing it. The reason is that they do not know how to wear it. A strong grey though sounds nice, eh? All the earthy colours flirt with mint green and add to its dynamic. Brown, beige, terracotta and khaki will take of your style when matched with mint green.

Tips for pastel colours

Jeans are the best partner of pastel colours. Ideal for a morning walk, the office or a night out.

What can one say about white? It goes great with everything. Some pastel colours though are better with off-white shades or beige. Give it a try.

Beige is summer’s favourite colour and magically goes with all pastel colours. It contributes to their bold calmness somehow.

As for black…of mystery and elegance… It goes well with pastels but choose it only when your pieces are somehow special. A black, leather jacket can make a green mint, lingerie satin dress look more interesting. Regardless your style or your age, a black blazer goes great with a lilac or light blue dress.

Finally, pastel shades go well together and can be worn from head to toe.

wearing pastel colours

wearing pastel colours

wearing pastel colours

the pastel colours

the pastel colours

wearing pastel colours

wearing pastel colours

the pastel colours

The pastel colours

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Wearing : Skirt: Pull & Bear, Shirt: Liu Jo, Shoes : Top Shop

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