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Sequin skirt
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During the fall I take the opportunity to get rid of stuff I no longer wear, and I usually replace them with new. This gives me a new, creative

mood, to mix those pieces I have with those I buy.

Sometimes though, just by clearing my closet I come to realize that certain pieces had been forgotten or still waiting to be worn…

We have all succumbed to impulsive buys just because we found them impressive, at first sight and we never thought when, where or why we should ever put them on. We just wanted them to be in our possession.

These pieces are those I never discard even if, they are out of fashion, because fashions come and go all the time!

After this wardrobe cleaning, I also cover some shortages that come to surface.

This quest, until an outfit reaches its final form, might sound like a blunt job for some, but to me it is the synonym of creativity.

So, this is how this grey sequin skirt reappeared having only been worn once.

Ι know it goes great with Sneakers, boots and stilettos, so I went for plaid ankle boots, a trend for winter 2019. With the plaid, printed, heeled ankle boots as reference I chose the rest of the colours, in this look.

A metallic pencil skirt worn with a blouse with feather finish in earthy colours and a scarf around my neck in light hues.

This  outfit would not be complete without the favourite of the season, a teddy coat in burgundy.

It is an all day outfit and easily worn at the office.

Sequin Skirt

sequin skirt

sequin skirt

sequin skirt

sequin skirt


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  1. ALIDA

    Πολυ ωραιοι συνδυασμοι και ιδιαιτερα κατατοπιστικα και βοηθητικα τα κειμενα. Μπραβο Αλεξια.Ανυπομονω για περισσοτερες ιδεες! Αλιντα.

    • Alexia Walder

      Eυχαριστώ πολύ Αλίντα μου!
      Το επόμενο άρθρο είναι πολύ πλούσιο σε ιδεες.
      Ελπίζω να σου αρέσει!

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