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wide-leg pants
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wide-leg pants

wide-leg pants

wide-leg pantswide-leg pants

wide-leg pants

wide-leg pants

wide-leg pants

wide-leg pants

wide-leg pants

A friend of mine asked “How should I wear my wide-leg pants?”. This question was the inspiration for this article. It’s all about the classic, wide-legged pants with its pants, shaping from high up your hips. You will surely think that this is a special piece that only a few can wear. Let me explain the details that will change your point of view.

What to have in mind

Regardless your body type and your height you must be cautious about the length.  Whatever you decide to wear it with (flats or high heels) be sure that its length covers the shoe (almost touching the floor). This has always been my main problem not only with wide-leg pants but with a wide-leg jeans too. That’s because I wear all types of shoes. So lately I stick to matching wide-leg pants with high heels and jeans with sneakers or flats.

The second thing you should bear in mind is to be careful when you decide to have it shortened. Never reduce its length to such a point that will  change its shape, dramatically.

How to wear it

Wear your favourite shirt or blouse busted inside. If there are details, that you do not want to conceal, let them loose.

Accentuate with a wide belt which creates a more shaped silhouette.

If you have a slight belly, do the following:

Avoid wearing a wide-leg pants with pockets or with a zip on its front. Choose one, with a zip on the side and no pockets at all. Better go for a soft fabric with a stretchy waist.

Wear the blouse or shirt busted inside or hanging loose. Use a blazer or cardigan that reaches your hips. Leave the jacket open and add a belt to make it more stylish.

As for your overcoat, feel free to choose the one you like. Long or short, coats in straight line, capes, faux furs, blazers and oversized jackets will do. Your body type and personal style will be your guide.

A monochromatic outfit with wide-leg pants and special fabrics is a nice option for an event. It is a unique look that makes every silhouette look taller and impressive.

For today’s outfit I chose a vintage outfit with wide-leg pants. What makes it special is the Brocard manteaux I have from my mother. Always keep pieces with special fabrics in your wardrobe “for a rainy day”. They are always occasions that these pieces will successfully complement a look.

So, what do you think now?

Comments are welcome!!

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