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total black outfittotal black outfit

total black outfit

Total black outfit

total black outfit

total black outfittotal black outfit

total black outfit

Black is forever. Always a favourite and always on top of our stylistic agenda. You will never see “this year the trend is black” in a fashion magazine because black is always a trend.

Each and every one of us decides how to wear it according to body type, style and occasion. But what we should always avoid is mixing different shades of black in one look. The only exemption applies for fabrics with different qualities. You can match black satin with black leather or black lace with black mousseline or black crepe with black mohair.

So, now that we are in the festive season and our social activity is more intense, black is a very well thought and elegant option.

Regarding your style choose your black outfit below:


Simple lines can create the minimal black look. Just a suit, or a simple long dress etc. Your jewelry should also follow the rule of simplicity. A few simple pieces will complete the look. The same goes for bags and shoes to result in a chic look.


This is a look for those who love strict and straight lines. You are inspired  by Coco Chanel and you are a synonym for elegance. Quality is a core value here.  Go for that small, black dress that is so becoming to you, wear your black stilettos and a classic black dress. Simple and elegant jewels and a classic, black bag are always the key players for this timeless look.


I could never omit a glamorous look from my list. Most of all now, that it is the season for glamor. It is also most women’s favourite. Concentrate on the choice of fabrics for this look. Lace, velvet, sequined. This is the time. They will add that festive glamour in every party, dinner or reception you attend. Pearls and rhinestones are a must, not only in jewelry and accessories but also on shoes and clothes.


The word itself defines the style. Different types of fabrics in black. Different styles are also welcome when you match the basic pieces. The result of so many combinations will amaze you. I went for the mixed style which is seen in the pictures above.

I hope I was helpful and helped you create your own personal total black, festive outfit!

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