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You might have admired brides many times because of their fantastic lace dresses. Or a perfectly-chic lace garment. Obviously, most of you, have a lacy piece or a piece with lacy details in their wardrobes. Lace is a classic favourite for femininity, romantic mood, goth allure and rock references. You can wear lace dawn to dusk.

Many fashion bloggers and instagramers have worn lace with sneakers or ballerina shoes or even with sandals, in order to create those elegant and light morning looks. Moreover, when lace is worn with high heel sandals, low boots or stilettos, one always gets a great result.

If you prefer a romantic style, use a pastel palette and match it with silk, satin and wool garments. For a rock outfit wear jeans. For the gothic side, wear a leather skirt or leggings. A lace blouse with suit cords (two pieces set) or a lace skirt worn with a blazer, create a fantastic business outfit, too.

Would you dare go for an airy lace dress with your favourite skinny jeans or leggings? Try it and you will be positively surprised by the outcome. Go for the very light, spidery lace and avoid thick woven ones.

For a night-out look, wear your lace everything, with high heels and avoid strong accessories so that the lace is the protagonist.

In the photos below Theodora is wearing a black satin pair of trousers with lace finish, a black blouse, sneakers and a woolen, black cape. The green faux fur deviates from total black and brightens the outfit.

My outfit consists of a black blouse, black boots and blazer, a green lacy culotte and a silk feminine scarf, all embraced with a brown, faux fur.

We both took the looks further to chic with black hats.

Green faux fur jacket

Lace detailed pants and lace culotte

green lace culotte, women outfits,






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