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I love change  thus, autumn is to me an opportunity for renewing my wardrobe, creating new combinations and adopting current trends.

Of course, the Fall comes along with magnificent natural colouring and those foggy grey and rainy days. Most of us are negatively affected by these weather “games”.

And surely, you are aware or have come across the theory of “how colours affect human psychology”.

What do I do then on those grey days, so that the weather does not spoil my mood?

I surely wear colour from head to toe!  And you might think how this is possible. I am confident that it is!

If you belong to that category of women who find it hard to combine colours, I would suggest a fully monochrome look like red for instance, a colour that achieves a chic effect and gives you a taller figure at the same time.

If you are one of these women who want to try but you still think it’s difficult to achieve it, let me remind you that in 2017 the hottest designer trend was clashing colours, which translates as “an unusual combination of colours in one outfit”.

We should all agree that not all combinations result in chic, but if you let your imagination free I am sure you will come up with a statement look.

A must combo is red and pink, which is ultra-stylish even in some hues like fuchsia, bon-bon pink, burgundy, etc

In today’s look I have mixed these strong colours but have somehow, softened the effect by wearing what else? A pair of jeans in cropped, flare version.

As for the accessories, I suggest that you keep them neutral in tone, so that they do not steal the show from the protagonists.

Colourmix outfit





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  1. Αλιντα Σπηλιωτη

    Συνδυασες υπεροχα το κοκκινο με το φουξια που ουτε θα το ειχα σκεφτει !Νομιζα πως δεν παει.

    • Alexia Walder

      Χαίρομαι που σε βοήθησα αυτός είναι άλλωστε ο σκοπός μου.Στο παρελθόν ήταν πράγματι απαγορευμένος χρωματικός συνδυασμός.
      Κακώς κατά την αποψή μου!

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