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Cowboy boots in Spring
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It may sound weird to wear those cowboy boots in Spring but the truth is they go so well together.

Most people imitate the cowboy look and only wear them with jeans in Winter. But this makes your look just western film right.

A few years ago, fashion commanded wearing them with midi skirts and midi bell-dresses. Today, there are no real rules in fashion. Freedom leaves space to creativity and variety in style leaves space to experimentation.

The western or classic boot is higher while the roper is this most loved, ankle cowboy boot. Material is a matter of taste; snake, zebra, pony, metallic, as well as patches of different kinds of leather and monochromatics. They are all present since 2018. Rumours have it that we will stay cowboy boot alert until Autumn 2019.

The minimal

Black or brown boots, in leather or suede, can really work miracles. Think colour, not type. Work from there on. Wear your favourite trousers, skirt or dress – fabric of your preference – and let the boots be your statement piece.

The Feminine

Airy, flary trousers, light romantic dresses and skirts. Bring out “la femme” in you with cowboy boots.

The Classic

Have you rejected the cowboy boots? Why not trying to wear them every day with a blazer and a midi skirt or a very preppy dress? You will be amazed.

The Eccentric

The cowboy boots were made for you. This is the time to really make mixed pattern looks take off. Floral prints, plaid, leopard stripes, zebra. Make your statement.

It’s about time to wear those pieces that will uplift your mood!

Today’s outfit is made of my statement cowboy boots, a romantic lace dress and a classy black blazer. My vintage sunglasses and my micro chic bag fit perfectly in the image.

A totally spring look made with imagination and my cowboy boots.

Cowboy boots in Spring

Cowboy boots in Spring

Cowboy boots in spring

Cowboy boots in Spring

Cowboy boots in spring

Cowboz boots in spring

Cowboy boots in Spring

Cowboz boots in Spring

Cowboy boots in spring

Cowboy boots in spring

Cowboy boots in spring

How will you wear yours?

Comments are welcome!


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