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Hiking outfit, Casual style
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Anzeige//Who would not love to escape from their everyday routine?

Who is not eager for the weekend or a bank holiday to come, for a short excursion in nature?

I am easily bored, so I crave for a relaxing break or some exercise al fresco.

But this is how a winter break turns into a riddle.

“What shall I take with me?”.

How many overcoats? What shoes shall I take? It’s gonna be cold and wet or I might want to train a bit. And then, those bulky, winter clothes are not so flattering.

I play it safe and always start my packing list with trekking shoes.

So, what about choosing some casual, versatile pieces suitable for a weekend in the countryside? Accessories are a must. Sunglasses, a hat, a belt, a scarf and what I consider necessary for that extra something for my look.

Having finally managed to close my suitcase, I was also glad to have reached our destination. At 0°C the sun was shining making me happy and really eager for what was next.

My favourite, burgundy hat was the initial inspiration for my outfit, perfect for a walk in nature. I have to confess that this trend of mixing athleisure pieces with chic, glamorous, classy and casual ones, comes real-handy from day to night.

An athletic blue, pair of trousers with burgundy stripes and a sweater in the same colour, were my basics to perfectly match the hat.

A long blue jacket, thin but warm, was the perfect choice. Thick clothes are not very flattering, so a belt is the trick for a nicely sculptured silhouette.

A cold but shiny day cannot go through without sunglasses and a scarf though. Finally, a black weekend bag with leopard details matches the belt and leaves only my trekking shoes as standalones with a colour of their own.

And then while everything was trembling in the hiking, having in my mind a possible night out, a switch into high-heel boots, a satin shirt and a blazer looks perfect! And voila! Let the evening begin!

Hiking outfit, Casual style

Hiking outfit, casual style

Hiking Outfit, Casual style

Hiking outfit, Casual style

Hiking outfit, casual style

Hiking Outfit, casual style




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  1. niki

    the hat and the bag you suggest,give me a good idea how to support my own boring grey jacket.

    • Alexia Walder

      I´m so happy that you found my article useful!!

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